Conservatives And Freedom Lovers For Marijuana Legalization

Why Defenders of Liberty and Real Conservatives Support Legalizing Marijuana:

Forget the hippies. Nearly sixty percent of Americans have at some point smoked marijuana, meaning its recreational use cuts across much of American society. But this isn’t why real, thinking conservatives want to end marijuana prohibition. The reasons are much more about the direction this nation is heading, as more and more people wake up to the threat the drug war poses to the United States.

Marijuana is a plant which, unlike alcohol and prescription drugs, has never caused a fatal overdose, and which is no where near as addictive as cigarettes. In spite of this, pot remains illegal, and even with a soaring national debt, tens of billions of US tax dollars are wasted every year by our nanny state, turning American citizens into prisoners working as collectivist laborers within the gulag industrial complex.

Many conservatives don’t smoke marijuana because it doesn’t line up with their idea of moral living. However, there are those who do, and the illegal status of pot doesn’t change that. In fact, kids report it’s easier to get marijuana than alcohol, because of the differences in the way these two commodities are purchased.

Are-We-Legalizing-Marijuana-The-Right-WaySmoking marijuana is a decision people make on an individual basis. Regardless of the choice, real conservatives, unlike members of the elite Republican and Democratic establishment, believe in personal responsibility, individual freedom, a strict constitutional interpretation, free markets, right to privacy, private property, and a small unintrusive federal government. They want safer streets where criminals aren’t able to make significant profits, which in turn stimulate violent gang wars. They believe that a person owns their own body, and that adults should be able to control their own destiny. This is precisely why principled conservatives and all lovers of freedom scoff at the illegal status of one of God’s own creations.

Addiction and the Drug War Products:

“Your addictions are between you, God, and your sponsor. End the Federal Drug War.”
Addiction, whether drug or alcohol, is a terrible thing. It destroys lives, families, and communities. Conservatives understand this. They also understand that getting thrown into prison with violent criminals who harbor their own drug contacts is a waste of tax dollars, and a sure way to produce even more messed up people. Everyone battles their own demons. The last thing we need is State bureaucracies to take away the freedoms of our family and community members who are struggling to get back on their feet.

Dare to Legalize and Regulate Drugs Products:

One of the major reasons given for maintaining the illegal status of marijuana or other drugs is concerns over increased availability, especially among children. What is not discussed is the fact that kids already have no trouble getting drugs, if they really want them, so the question isn’t availability, but motivation, which is something that only families and communities, not the Federal Government, can address. The State is not our baby sitter. It is up to us to raise our families and teach them right.

On top of this, the criminal danger is coming from drug money. Take the money out of the black market, and crime will drop the same way it did after alcohol prohibition ended. The streets will be safer for kids without the drug dealers and drug gangsters, and police will have more time and resources to pursue murderers, rapists, and child molesters. The War on Drugs is making our children less safe. Ending prohibition is the best strategy for a better America.

Toward a Common Sense Drug Policy:

PART1Politicians have little concern for the people. In a 2011 poll from The Economist, the majority of Americans, made up of both republicans and democrats, favor the legalization of marijuana, yet this same year, out of touch Liberal elite Hillary Clinton said that drugs would not be legalized, because “there’s too much money in it.” As a traitor to the nation, like other elites before him, president Obama also continues to support terrorist funding via maintaining the illegal status of drugs.

The War on Drugs has failed. Drug use in America remains high, in spite of tough laws that lock away freedom loving Americans for “crimes” that lack victims. When we end the War on Drugs, which is really a war on free people, we will free up money and man hours for police to be able to more vigorously pursue actual crimes. We also create a potential source of revenue for our nation, by taxing and regulating marijuana much like alcohol and tobacco. With the legalization of marijuana, the black market drug economy will take a major hit, finding it much more difficult to fund criminals and terrorists in the way the current illegal status allows. The artificially high prices and lack of lawful protection of property rights created by the Federal Government’s drug war in Mexico has led to over 25,000 deaths from between 2006-2011. This is why former Mexican President Vicente Fox, along with other leaders, is calling for marijuana legalization, knowing full well this will take enormous amounts of money out of the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

And this is why real conservatives, who are looking to remove the yoke of the debt manufacturing, fiat currency borrowing Federal Government, need to push for marijuana legalization. This is not some fringe or marginal issue, as the government propagandists would have us believe. It is actually a central issue in how our country functions. When Big Brother tells us that we are not “allowed” to smoke a relatively harmless plant for recreational purposes, or any substance for that matter, what they are actually telling us is that they own our minds. Either you’re a free person able to make your own decisions, or you’re a slave, and it’s clear which side the establishment comes down on this issue.

Grow-the-Economy-300x229Addiction is hard enough to deal with without Uncle Sam breathing down your neck. When they lock up US citizens for drug use in the US, they ruin lives at everyone else’s expense. As Ron Paul says, what sort of effect on society would we have if we locked up all the alcoholics? The federal government then uses the funds appropriated for this invented War on Drugs to create an increasingly invasive, centralized State, as we saw with the TSA airport body scanners. Because drugs are illegal, by definition, they will primarily benefit criminals and terrorists, which the Federal Government then responds to in a typically wasteful and intrusive fashion. This makes it clear that the War on Drugs has major implications across our society. Our drug laws are breeding our enemies.

What we are witnessing, therefore, is a form of tyranny, and the legalization of marijuana is a litmus test for the overall freedom of our nation. If politicians are telling us the populace can’t be trusted with pot, the bureaucratic nanny state is sending us the signal that we are not free to make our own decisions or to educate our own kids about what is wholesome or appropriate. If politicians insist on keeping drugs illegal, they are lining the pockets of drug lords and international terrorists. The fact that most politicians are uncomfortable talking about legalizing marijuana, then, in some ways is a good thing. Because the issue is still politically taboo even as most Americans believe pot should be legal, this issue will be able to more clearly highlight candidates who actually believe in freedom, who don’t want to fund terrorists, and who trust the American people to make their own decisions about how they want to live their lives.

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